About Logipix

Logipix Technical Development Ltd, established in 1996, is the most innovative security device developer and manufacturer company in Central- East Europe. The main profile of our company is to develop and manufacture professional IP based video surveillance systems.

Our mission

Our goal is to create high quality integrated security products using the latest microelectronic and computer technology available. Our products are being marketed worldwide to distributors and installing companies.

The background

The Logipix Technical Development Ltd is owned by two senior engineers. This engineering point of view determine our present and our future. We are investing our profit into the expansion of developmental and manufacturing resources of Logipix Ltd.

The number of our customers who choose Logipix IP based video surveillance system is increasing significantly. Now the 80% of our sales are carried out abroad, in Europe and in the countries of the Middle East. There are two main reasons of this success. The first one is the high technical quality of our products. The second reason is Logipix's flexible, customer oriented development process.

In the last 5 years the increase of Logipix's annual revenue was 25%.

We develop and manufacture security devices that meet the EU requirements. To maintain high quality and serve customer needs, our company got a certificate of ISO 9001:2009 quality control system that covers the development and manufacturing areas as well.

For managing the commercial, logistic and manufacturing processes in accordance with customer needs, we use the SAP system.


LOGIPIX started the year 2015 with a brand new camera release, called LOGIPIX ONE. We developed a camera that contains a ground-breaking 1 inch size sensor providing 14 MP resolution. Owing to the sensor size, the camera produces more detailed images with sharper edges and improved low-light performance. All these with an icredible 20 FPS recording speed at full resolution.
 In 2014 we developed our brand new mobile video recorder, the Walk-DVR 4th generation. It has a special hybrid recording system which contains two notebook HDDs and an SSD. In this year we started to develop Logipix applications based on Video Content Analysis, which can help to register offenders in certain traffic situations.

In 2013 we introduced the flexible Logipix Stadium Surveillance System. The system is based on Logipix 15 megapixel cameras installed in optional arrangement, which pictures can be stitched together as panoramic images. The system contains the Full HD Logipix PTZ camera as well, which is also a development of this year. Owing to a unique application the camera can be controlled on the panoramic images by selecting an area using the mouse or the touchscreen.

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